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If this sounds familiar, you have two options, says Nick Cook, founding partner of Home Menorca: you can either look for a plot of land for sale and build your dream house, or you can purchase an existing property that meets some or most of your criteria, and refurbish it in keeping with your style and needs.


Both options are significant undertakings and, unless you live in Menorca full time and have prior experience building or renovating here, hiring a project manager is highly advisable.


Nick Cook has acted as project manager in Menorca on over a dozen construction projects in recent years (one of which was recently featured on architectural blog Arch Daily) for clients he has met through the purchase of land or a villa in Menorca.


“I don’t take on many of these projects – maybe one per year,” he says. “But it’s an extra service we like to offer. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when a sale is made. We’re still here to help, advise and coordinate.”



Do you need a project manager in Menorca?


In Spain, the architect and the aparejador (equivalent to a quantity surveyor) will generally project manage a build or renovation between them. However, they are usually also working on a number of other projects at the same time, so may not be able to devote their full attention to your project.

They would also still expect the owner to be present at weekly site meetings to answer questions and make decisions. For those who don't have the time to do this, a project manager will act as your representative and go to the site meetings on your behalf.

Your project manager is the key to communicating your vision to the builders and contractores, and to making sure the work proceeds on time, on budget and is finished to the quality you expect.

But more than that, using a project manager for your build in Menorca has several distinct advantages:


Putting together a construction dream team


There are endless companies and individuals involved in any construction project, from the architect and the construction firm, to the plumbers and electricians, suppliers of doors and windows, carpenters, tilers... the list goes on. If you don't already have contacts in the industry it can be hard to know where to start.
Your project manager will assemble the team for you: first he will help you find and architect whose style and approach matches yours and, once the designs are finalised, he'll obtain at least three quotes from construction companies.
Beyond that, your project manager will recommend the best contractors and sub contractors - based on previous experience of working with them - for each element of the build or renovation, even if it means using companies outside Menorca.

Benefits of local knowledge


Your project manager's local knowledge means they can also advise on aspects of your project that you may not have considered. They'll be able to guide you as to what can realistically be achieved in Menorca and steer you away from ideas that could turn into headaches.
The devil is in the detail, and your project manager will work to avoid small mistakes or poor choices - such as using the wrong materials for Menorca's climate - that could become thorns in your side.
"For example, I would always recommend using marine-grade stainless steel outdoors, as anything less will simply rust" Nick points out. "Likewise, aluminium shutters last much longer than wooden ones. But if you want to have wooden shutters, then go for teak - and don't paint it or you'll be repainting every year. Just let it weather naturally".
Your project manager will offer recommendations on materials, low maintenance options, how much to insulate your home, the best way to heat or cool it, ways to keep operating costs down and more.

Long-term vision


For Nick, project management is about more than delivering a fine house on time and on budget. It's about delivering a house that works, and that will continue to work, for years to come.
This is why, he says, his choice of plumbers, electricians and air-conditioning experts, is based not only on price but also on service. He knows from having worked with them before, who will be available for emergency call outs and who will offer the best service, even years after the installation has been done.
Equally his experience on new builds and renovations in Menorca has enabled him to see how the aesthetics work over the long term. Will today's bold, contemporary architecture look dated in ten years' time?
How long will those white limestone pavers stay fresh and white? Imported palm trees look nice – but what about the pest control and maintenance they require?
After project managing a new build or refurbishment in Menorca, Nick and the team at Home Menorca often go on the manage the property, so they have a vested interest in delivering a home that will be problem-free for years to come.
Considering building or buying property in Menorca? Please browse our plots and properties for sale, then contact us with any questions you may have.

For many buyers, purchasing a property in Menorca with a tourist licence means they can earn an immediate return on their investment: by renting it out for holiday lets you can not only cover your maintenance costs and taxes, but also earn some extra income when you’re not using the property yourself.

Not all properties qualify for tourist licences in Menorca. New licenses are only being granted for properties in designated ‘tourist zones’ (rural areas do not qualify) and apartments can only get a tourist licence when the community expressly permits it.
However, in the case where a property already had a licence, prior to the change in the law, that licence remains valid indefinitely. All the buyer needs to do is to have the name on the licence changed once the purchase is complete and they can market and rent their property out legally.
Home Menorca currently has a number of properties of different types for sale with an existing tourist licence.



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